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Welcome to our Music and Voice Talent Web Site, designed exclusively for the use of our clients in selecting the background music and voice talent to be used in their Customized Message-On-Hold productions.


Although the music used in each of our productions is “background music,” we understand the importance of projecting a positive and professional audio image that is uniquely yours. This is why we are pleased to offer the finest in fully licensed music for your selection. The samples provided here are among our most popular and are an example of the over 5,000 titles available.


The professional voice talents we use are specialists and are among the very best in the industry. Their years of experience, expertise, and dedication to perfection help insure that you’ll be proud to have your callers hear your productions. We will work with you to find the voice that is perfect for the audio image of your business.


Please remember that production updates are included as a part of your individual program and are available to use whenever you’d like to use them . . . . and at no additional cost.


If you are not already one of our satisfied clients we would like to invite you to contact us by email, by telephone (1-800-419-0585), or visit our website for additional information.



·        Please select the style of music that you feel best fits the image of your business.

·       We recommend that you select up to three music beds to be used in a medley.

·        Click on any of the links below to listen to the samples.


Music Samples



Soft to Medium

Medium to Upbeat






Easy Listening

Light Jazz

Light Rock





Voice Talents



All of our voice talents are recognized industry professionals who take personal pride in delivering your messages in a way that creates a positive audio image for your callers.


When making your Voice Selection please be sure to indicate any particular presentation style you would prefer (Formal, Conversational, Informative, Warm and Caring, Upbeat and Friendly, etc,)







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·        Voice Demo



·        Voice Demo






·        Voice Demo



·        Voice Demo











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